Solitude – the house of peace

“In total seclusion, enlightening, I found the origin of my being.”

This a repost from a trip to Mount Mulligan in Far North Queensland a little while ago. I’ve spoken to a friend today about this stunning, interesting place and it made me want to repeat the trip. 🙂 

Mount Mulligan, is a former mining town in rural northern Queensland, Australia were on 19th September 1921 an underground explosion killed 75 miners (all the miners in the town) in Queensland’s worse mining disaster.

The 180 kilometers trip to Mount Mulligan from Cairns requires 44 km of dirt road driving but can be done easy with a 2WD in the dry season.

On your way you can camp in the old, ghost town Kingsborough where only one person remains living there alone for nearly over 25 years. It’s an oasis in the middle of the desert and one of those fantastic word-of-mouth spots not many people get to see.

If you’re keen enough for a little adventure sneak out for a hike and maybe you discover an old goldmine like we did.  Make sure you don’t forget the torches and extra batteries.

-Watch your head and steps and don’t get lost.-

!No one will be looking for you there!

My advise? Go there before commercial tourism ruins this place.  🙂

“In total seclusion, enlightening, I found the origin of my being.”

© Earthling Gunnar

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