Symbol of horror & futility of war

Humans have killed between 150 and 250 million members of their own species in the last century and our life is again in danger by just another war but this time it could be our last because it could be our first nuclear one. We all know how this could end…

The cards for humans aren’t looking good even without a war and don’t we deserve it somehow? Humans aren’t born bad but our systems, cultures, our ideals, our religions, our believe systems and the failure of our governments have made us to who we have become but we refuse to question the structures our worldwide societies are built on.

What we do to each other and what we do to nature on this planet is just insane. We are the most destructive species nature has ever created. We are the cancer cell to life and nature will find a way to get rid of us if we don’t change.

Earth is such a beautiful paradise but we do whatever we can to turn it into hell for ourselves and everything else living on it.

For example, did you know that the Australian government holds an ≈120 million Dollar postal vote right now about same-sex marriage and at the same time the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Australia’s troops would back Donald Trump and the US into a war with North Korea without hesitation… Let this sink in for a moment.

Politicians always find it very easy to send someone else’s children into war.

Something went very wrong with us on the path of evolution but I really hope we’ll find a way out of this mess. 🙂

Bellow you can see a few pictures from the Dresdner Frauenkirche in Germany where I have visited few years ago. “Built in the 18th century, the church was destroyed in the bombing of Dresden during World War II. The remaining ruins were left for 50 years as a war memorial, following decisions of local East German leaders. The church was rebuilt after the reunification of Germany, starting in 1994.”

A Symbol of the horror & futility of war.

© Earthling Gunnar
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© Earthling Gunnar
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© Earthling Gunnar
© Earthling Gunnar

“The only hope for mankind lies in the transformation of the individual.”

P.S. Be wary that the propaganda machine is working overtime now! 

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