Hiking Walsh’s Pyramid in Far North Queensland

One of the first hikes I have done in Far North Queensland is Walsh’s Pyramid in Gordonvale, a small sugar-growing town on the southern side of Cairns in Queensland, Australia.

© Earthling Gunnar

The Pyramid is one of the most distinctive landmarks and the highest freestanding natural pyramid in the world.

I have been up there few times and will try to go up there at least once a year. It always is a strenuous but very rewarding hike even though in my opinion you meet too many people on your way but of course that depends on how you see it. I love to hike alone and the more isolated a track is the better 😉

 “A never-ending uphill scramble and a ‘controlled’ downhill free fall”

All the locals know the Pyramid as it is well-known for the ‘Great Pyramid Race’ which happens every year in August when Runners compete on a 12 km course, from the middle of the nearby town Gordonvale to the summit of Walsh’s Pyramid and back in under two hours.

You don’t have to be that quick and should calculate approximately 3 hours from the base to the top and back. Solid footwear is definitely a must for the very steep track to the 922 m high summit.

© Earthling Gunnar
© Earthling Gunnar

The view from the top.

© Earthling Gunnar
© Earthling Gunnar

Can you see the Stick Insect?

For more info go to www.aussiebushwalking.com or click here here to get all the info you need on how to get to the Pyramid.

If you’re in Far North Queensland Australia and you’re keen enough to do the hike I’m happy to hear how you liked it. I can promise you: You won’t be disappointed. 🙂


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